she came from the depths of the Hudson

Sailor Twain, or The Mermaid in the Hudson by Mark Siegel


I’ve been waiting to find a book that would wow me and I finally found it in Mark Siegel’s Sailor Twain, a graphic novel that combines folklore, history, mystery, and romance into a thrilling, fast-paced narrative that gripped me from the first.

Drawn in stark, black-and-white charcoal, the illustrations add a sense of foreboding to the text, the images fading along the edges into a hazy glow so that it feels as if you’re watching the events unfold through a fog. Perfect for a river tale about mermaids and madness.

The story itself is marvelously suspenseful and surprising–the narrative is very adult and sensual, definitely a fairy tale for adults. This is great storytelling that captures the imagination and entrances the reader.

It’s a short, quick read, but there is so much happening in the story that it makes you delve into the details. There is a sense of loss and tragedy that runs throughout the story, but it’s the sort of feeling you encounter when reading the best fairy tales. Mermaids should be dangerous and dark. This is a mermaid tale at its best.

Sidenote… I’m thinking of posting snapshots of featured books instead of cover images… good? bad? suggestions?


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